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The Gates of Hell movie

Whenever we discover something heinous, something so abhorrent it is beyond our comprehension, beyond our understanding, we attack it; vehemently, fearing our own survival. Behind the walls of Von Diebitsch Manor lays such evil, shrouded with 66 years of speculation, mystery and myth.

Now, tonight, with a group of adventurous young film makers, director Kyle Walker will use the Manor’s disturbing history to his advantage, producing an innovative online movie experience like no other.

The Gates of Hell movie

Unbeknown to his cast and crew, he has conceived how the entire film will play out prior to their arrival. The cast  thinking the whole film will be improvised,  have no idea where Kyle is taking them or what they have gotten themselves into.

Upon their arrival to the estate they are greeted by the imposing gates that guard the entrance to the Manor which sits ominously in the distance. After cutting the chains that bind the gates, anxiety sweeps across the group as they cautiously make their way inside and wait for night to fall.

Filming begins with slight apprehension, but upon inspection of the Manor they slowly piece together the truth of its existence:

Immigrating from Germany in 1939, Rainer Von Diebitsch, wife Petra and their two sons, built the estate deep within the hills near the small town of Harveston, avoiding any connection with the outside world. Behind the 12 foot spiked walls that encase the perimeter, Rainer unleashed an onslaught of physical and verbal abuse toward Petra and their children, until his mysterious death in 1942.

Petra then began to take in children; children denounced by society. At a price, these unfortunate souls could disappear without any repercussions for their unwilling parents.

But now, with the discovery of a hidden tape containing the confession of one of the abandoning parents, Kyle and co, become victims of the ongoing legacy of those condemned children.

Pursed, by what they believe to be is a viscous killer, the group struggle with their own fears in an effort to escape the prison like grounds. Thwart at every turn, they fall, one by one, to the perils of the merciless surroundings until Kyle is left to battle their nemesis in a fight for the ultimate prize; freedom.

After mortally wounding his assailant, Kyle is lured into a subterranean dwelling inhabited by the real killers; the interbred family of deformed children that have developed into viscous cannibals; all bar one. The ostracized vegetarian that has been trying to help them from the very start. Typically labeled by the film makers because of his hideous appearance, Kyle now realizes all too late that his judgmental view has led to his own demise.

Responding to a distress call from Kyle, the local Sheriff – and the now grown son of the Von Debitsch’s – arrives to survey the situation. Collecting the cut chains covered in blood, he throws them into the boot and replaces them with new ones. Casually leaving, he spots something on the ground; an Ipod that displays a photo of the once happy group of film makers. He ponders it for a moment before heading back to his car and driving off into the sunset; his past, Harveston’s shame, forever to remain a secret.

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