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The Gates of Hell Cast & Crew Photo

The Gates of Hell Cast & Crew

Finally we are up online and ready to go. What can I say other than we all feel a sense of relief here at the Rapidfire Productions camp. Its been a very long, long time since we completed The Gates of Hell. Did I say its been a long time? :)

It isn’t easy at the best of times being and Independent filmmaker but over the past two years of hitting the road and promoting The Gates of Hell at festivals such as Screamfest 2008, Amberg and Sacramento, and directly with various distribution companies; something really hit home…distributors are greedy muther f#&#ers.

Ok, I may be a bit jaded but I can’t say it any other way especially after get ripped off on our first indy feature film ‘Reign in darkness’. Yeah we were young and green and easy prey for the carnivorous and evil distributors, but Kel and I still get pissed when we still see today, yeah 10 years on; distributors making money off ‘Reign in Darkness’. Yeah you live and learn and boy have we learned.

Oh How Times Have Changed…

The landscape has changed dramatically for the Independent filmmaker and that change is the Internet. I am going out on a limb here and going on the record to say no longer are the Indy filmmakers at the mercy of the distributor; we can now take our films directly to our audience online and Kel and I are going to set out to prove it.

After the pathetic distribution deals presented to us over the last two years we are going to self distribute the film ourselves and prove to the distributors we don’t need them anymore. The world is a much smaller place now with the current state of the Internet and the ability to do business with anyone in the world there is no reason to have to accept crappy distribution deals to get your film out selling. In this Internet age you can do it yourself and we are setting out to do just that.

So we invite you to follow us on this journey into the unknown as we attempt to change the face of Independent film distribution and give the power back to the filmmaker.

We welcome and comments and feedback as we move forward. You can keep updated with our progress by subscribing to our email list, follow us on Twitter, become a fan on our Facebook page and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

We are currently in the process of setting the distribution model up so we will keep you posted on how we go. We haven’t done anything like this before so be a little patient with us.

I will be releasing some goodies from the film such as behind the scenes pics and videos so stay tuned.


Gates of Hell Screening Tonight

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