Australian Film Festival 2010 Screening

The Australian Film Festival 2010

Christian Clark, Kelly Dolen & Amy Beckwith

The screening of The Gates of Hell was received really well by all. It was a perfect warm balmy night in Sydney and everyone who attended were blown away; not only by the film but the overall production value that was achieved on a modest $1.1M budget which was revealed by writer/director Kelly Dolen during the Q&A.

A lot of people who had seen it when it was doing the festival circuit thought it was a $5M film and that is a massive complement to the effort and commitment of the entire cast and crew who worked on The Gates of Hell.

It was great to catch up with some of the cast, Amy Beckwith (Maddy) and Christian Clark (Dylan). A special thanks to Amy for getting so many of your friends along it was great to see them all there and their reactions during the scary parts and thanks to Christian for introducing us to one of the local Thai restaurants; very nice.:)

We had a Q&A session at the end of the screening with writer/director Kelly Dolen and hosted by Peter Castaldi. It was great to relive some of the moments as Kelly was talking about some of the experiences we had during the making of Gates.

Q&A with Writer/Director Kelly Dolen

It was nice at the end just sitting around in the cinema chewing the fat and talking film biz with guys and our Australian & New Zealand distributor Peter Castaldi. After chatting with Peter he revealed that The Gates of Hell will be getting a theatrical release in June/July 2010.

Talking Film Biz

As for the rest of the world Kelly and I will be self distributing online starting with the USA & Canada. We don’t have an exact date yet when the DVD will be available for sale online but we are at this stage aiming for the end of March 2010.

This whole online distribution thing is a little new for us and we are currently finalizing arrangements with suppliers in USA who will be producing the DVD’s and shipping them out. We will keep you posted on the progress and the exact date of it release.

Just a final note from both Kelly and I, a big thanks to all of you who have been supporting us on this long journey. Its tough being an independent filmmaker but it makes it a lot easier when we get so many emails and comments of support from all of our very patient fans. It wont be too much longer now.

Here are some more photos from the night.

Photo from Thai Dinner

Guys having some fun

The Gates of Hell up in lights. Exciting for Us.

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